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Live discussion about game design with Sunil Thankamushy

Emeetation is proud to present another live webinar with Q&A session from a gaming industry content creator, producer, animator, professor and co-lead of the animation and gaming program at Mt. San Antonio College, Sunil Thankamushy.

As parents, we sometimes worry about the time our children spend in front of a screen playing video games. If you share this concern, consider what if they used this time to be productive. The gaming industry is now bigger than ever and there’s never been a better time to direct your children's interest to this topic to develop skills that will benefit their future career.
The gaming industry jobs are well paid and there is already a shortage of high-quality creative talent and engineers in the field. With the right guidance and motivation your kids could easily go from playing games to designing and creating the best-sellers of tomorrow.

During our webinar, Professor Thankamushy will talk about the current technology and the skills to be acquired. He will also discuss the creative aspects of game development and will tell you what to do if you have an idea for your own game.

We recommend this webinar for the young game and VR developers, animators, kids, interested in gaming and their parents.

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